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ZOOM teeth whitening in Quincy

Quincy ZOOM dentist

Quincy ZOOM dentist

If you want to have a whiter and brighter smile you are not alone. Today teeth whitening is one of the most popularly requested cosmetic dental services. At our dental practice, Quincy Dental, patients are able to receive tooth whitening from our dentists who use the state-of-the-art tooth whitening system: ZOOM teeth whitening. Our Quincy ZOOM dentist will be able to give you the whiter and brighter smile you have long wanted; just one of our expert dentists is Dr. MaryAnne Thomas.

Our Quincy ZOOM dentist is very happy to be able to provide our patients with teeth whitening by ZOOM. This is because the ZOOM teeth whitening system is considered by many dentists to be the safest and most effective tooth whitening system around. Our in office state-of-the-art teeth bleaching system will make your teeth whiter and brighter in just one one-hour office visit. Patients want to have their teeth whitened for many different reasons. Sometimes there is a special occasion coming up which you want to look your very best for. Other times people feel that they will be more confident with a wider and brighter smile. Having a whiter smile will also make you look more youthful, since teeth naturally yellow with age. Whatever the reason, our patients are always very excited when they see the results of their in-office ZOOM tooth whitening. We also are very happy to offer our patients a take-home teeth bleaching system. This system will also provide you with excellent results, except they will occur more slowly over a period of days. However, some of our patients enjoy using this take-home system which patients are able to use in the privacy of their own home. Our dentist will first want to meet with you to make sure you do not have any tooth-colored fillings or porcelain restorations on your teeth which may need to be replaced after the tooth whitening is performed. This is because tooth whitening solutions only affect the appearance of natural tooth enamel.

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