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02169 Implants

Replace missing teeth in 02169

02169 implants

02169 implants

If you have missing teeth that you would like to replace, 02169 implants are the best, most advanced, and most reliable option you can choose. That’s because they have advantages that are simply not possible to obtain with more traditional options such as fixed bridges and removable dentures. For new teeth that look, feel, and even act like your natural ones, come to us at Quincy Dental.

The process of getting our 02169 implants begins with an exam and consultation. While not everyone is a good candidate for them, most people are. If your dental health is generally good and your jaw bone is tested to be strong and thick enough to support the implant post, you will likely be able to get one done. Even if your jaw bone is not up to the necessary requirements, a bone grafting procedure can correct it. There are two steps to having our 02169 implants done. The first is the surgical placement of a cylindrical titanium post in your jaw that replaces the root of your old tooth. This gives you a solid foundation that is dependable, preserves your normal facial contours, and keeps your vital gum and bone tissue from atrophying. It takes a few months for your bone tissue to grow around and fuse with the post. During that time, you may have a temporary denture fashioned if you don’t want to have that empty space looming. The second stage is that you will be measured for a tooth-colored crown that will then be put on top of the post and cemented for permanence. That’s all there is to it. Your new tooth will not slide around as can happen with dentures. Your other teeth will not have lose material, as with fixed bridges.

You will be able to speak, laugh, and chew- even tough foods- with total confidence thanks to our 02169 implants. And with proper care, you can expect to get many years of great service from them. In fact, there’s every reason to believe they can last a lifetime.

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