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02169 Family Dentist

Dental care for adults and kids in 02169

02169 family dentist

02169 family dentist

Whether you need a routine dental examination, an extraction, root canal therapy, restorative or cosmetic dentistry, you can count on us at Quincy Dental. We provide a variety of valuable services that are designed for adults as well as for kids. Your entire family can benefit from what we have to offer.

The foundation of top quality dental care is prevention and early detection. That’s the reason why we recommend a twice-yearly visit to our 02169 family dentist. Not only will you have a visual and physical inspection of your teeth and gums, but your occlusion (bite) will be checked, you will be screened for oral cancer, and have periodic x-rays to detect cavities. If you do have one, we have an array of material to use for fillings, depending on your preference and what is applicable to the location of the tooth. Crowns are ideal for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. They strengthen a tooth that has been severely decayed or cracked; they’re also useful for covering one that is discolored, crooked, misshapen, or otherwise displeasing. Speaking of cosmetic dentistry, we’re proud to represent Zoom! teeth whitening, which is the state-of-the-art in bleaching teeth quickly, effectively, safely, and with limited sensitivity. Veneers are the perfect solution for creating a much-improved smile when you have chips, cracks, or other aesthetic imperfections. You can even cover gaps between your teeth that are too wide. Unlike crowns, they go over the fronts of your teeth instead of on top. Since your gums are just as essential to your oral health, we do periodontal treatments, too. And if you need a replacement tooth, our 02169 family dentist can put in an implant, the most advanced full-tooth restoration available. And don’t forget the children. Gentle care is at the top of our list of priorities. We maintain a positive and welcoming environment, and focus on the establishment of strong dental habits early.

Call us right now and book an appointment for you or your child with our 02169 family dentist.

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